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Stage 3 Prepare to Apply

Lesson 3/3


The costs of application fees, admission fee, and tuition and academic fees are listed below.

Application Fee

The Application fee is 10,000 yen. Please submit your payment along with your application. Payment can only be accepted via credit card. The Application fee is non-refundable once payment is made. For details, please refer to the Application Guide*.

* The Application Guide is available from October 8. Click Here

Admission Fee and Tuition/Academic Fees

The fee schedule below shows the Admission fee and Tuition and Academic fees for each undergraduate degree program under the PEACE Program. Note that Admission fee and Tuition and Academic fees for the first semester are due as part of the Admissions Procedures. Tuition and Academic fees for the second semester are due after the semester starts.

If you have applied for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship and are then awarded the scholarship, the scholarship amount will automatically be deducted from the required fees as part of the Admissions Procedures. If you are not awarded the scholarship, you will be required to pay the required fees by deadline as shown in the Admissions Procedures. If you are not awarded the scholarship at the Date of Enrollment because you do not have “Student Visa” status, you will be required to pay the outstanding required fees upon your enrollment. For further details please refer to the Enrollment Guide*.

* The Enrollment Guide can be downloaded from the WEB system only by successful applicants after the date of their acceptance has been announced.

From the second semester onward, tuition and academic fees will be charged on a semester basis with each respective due date being after the semester begins. Payment will need to be made in full, and the payment method will be either by direct debit (automatic debit from a Japanese bank account) or bank transfer (including overseas remittance).

Please go here for more details about scholarship information.

Please go here for costs other than the annual tuition and academic fees.

Fee Schedule

College of
Global Liberal
Arts Program
College of Law
and Politics
Admission fee 200,000 200,000 200,000
Tuition & Academic Fees
(first semester)
570,750 926,750 613,250
(sub-total: first semester)
Due prior to enrollment 1
770,750 1,126,750 813,250
Tuition & Academic Fees
(second semester)
Due after enrollment 2
570,750 926,750 613,250
Annual total for the first year 1,341,500 2,053,500 1,426,500

Note: All amounts are in Japanese yen (JPY); Tuition and Academic fees are subject to change annually. The above amounts are estimates based on the fee schedule for the 2022 academic year. The 2023 fee schedule is scheduled to be finalized in December 2022.
1 The deadline to submit payment of the Admission fee and first semester Tuition and Academic Fees depends upon your application time period. Review your Admission Schedule.
2 Tuition and Academic Fees for second semester are due after the semester starts.

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