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Stage 2 Explore Further

Lesson 15/21

Plan Your Budget

Your budget can be one of your biggest concerns as an international student. Consider the following for your planning.

Tuition and Other Fees

The following are estimated annual tuition and other fees for undergraduate programs in English for international students. (Fees are subject to annual changes.)

Tuition and Other Fees JPY USD
Admissions Fee
(one-time payment)
¥200,000 $1,340
Tuition and Other fees (annual)*
College of Intercultural Communication (CIC) ¥1,191,500 $7,990
Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) ¥1,903,500 $12,760
College of Law and Politics ¥1,274,500 $8,540

Monthly Expenses

The following table shows the average monthly living expenses for a university student in Tokyo. Note that this can vary depending on your lifestyle, including, for example, your use of transportation. Please use the following table for reference only.

Monthly Expenses 1st Year (Dormitory) From the 2nd Year (Non-dormity)
Rent and Utilities (electricity, gas, water, includes Wifi) ¥64,000 $429 ¥88,000 $590
Mobile phone bill ¥5,000 $34 ¥5,000 $34
Transportation ¥5,000 $34 ¥5,000 $34
Food ¥27,000 $181 ¥27,000 $181
Leisure ¥10,000 $67 ¥10,000 $67
Extra ¥14,000 $94 ¥14,000 $94
Monthly total ¥125,000 $838 ¥149,000 $999

Other Costs

You may want to consider the following costs as a reference.

Other Costs JPY USD
Flight Varies Varies
Student visa (multiple entry) Varies*1 Varies*1
National Health Insurance (per year, mandatory by law) ¥10,000*2 $67*2
Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance (per year, INCLUDED in the Academic fees) ¥3,500 $24
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