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Quick Summary

Who we are and what we offer:

Undergraduate International Degree Programs

As a designated Top Global University, Rikkyo University believes an international mindset starts with education and it starts with us. Our student body, including our international student community, is an integral part of our goal for it is with them and through them that we can offer the world progress. In brief, each undergraduate degree program conducted in English is introduced below.

PEACE CIC, College of Intercultural Communication (CIC)

PEACE CIC fosters the ability to propose solutions for an increasingly diverse and complex society, with plurilingualism and pluriculturalism as the founding and guiding principles. Through the study of Intercultural Communication, students will explore multicultural situations by putting emphasis on one or more of the following fields: Language Studies, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Communication Studies, and/or Global Studies.

Degree Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Communication
Duration 4 years
Semesters of intake Spring (April) & Fall (September)
Admissions requirements Refer to the Admissions Requirements
Admission capacity 5
Tuition and Academic fees (annual) 1,141,500 JPY (approx. 10,500 USD)

1 JPY = 0.0092 USD as of April 2020

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Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)

Liberal arts education is a distinctive educational foundation of Rikkyo University. The Global Liberal Arts Program encourages students to pursue their own academic interests, to expand their academic horizons, and to deepen their understanding of theories and philosophies. Through a balance of guidance and choice, it is up to each individual student to find and to create their own path in becoming the internationalized person they aim to be.

Degree Bachelor of Arts
Duration 4 years
Semesters of intake Spring (April) & Fall (September)
Admissions requirements Refer to the Admissions Requirements
Admission capacity 10
Tuition and Academic fees (annual) 1,853,500 JPY (approx. 17,050 USD)

1 JPY = 0.0092 USD as of April 2020

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Global Program of the Department of International Business Law, College of Law and Politics

The Global Program of the Department of International Business Law hones students' legal knowledge and skills for the international stage by covering how to conduct trade negotiations and how to prevent or resolve disputes from a legal perspective. Specifically, the Global Program pursues three objectives: acquiring the basic knowledge of Japanese law necessary for conducting international business, developing legal skills required for a type of legal thinking that transcends the differences between national laws, and sharpening communication skills to succeed in international settings.

Degree Bachelor of Arts in Law
Duration 4 years
Semesters of intake Spring (April) & Fall (September)
Admissions requirements Refer to the Admissions Requirements
Admission capacity 8
Tuition and Academic fees (annual) 1,226,500 JPY (approx. 11,280 USD)

1 JPY = 0.0092 USD as of April 2020

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Support for International Students

Rikkyo University offers various types of support for international students to help them settle into their new environment on campus and in Japan. Below you will find the primary resources we offer.

For First-year Students

First year students are required to live in an international dormitory, and English-speaking senior students working as Resident Supporters live on site. International students will also be welcomed into our Buddy system, where a selected senior student belonging to the same college, is assigned to support them with such matters as course registration and assignments as well as campus and daily life in Japan.

International Office

The International Office provides support throughout the orientation process, any Student Visa or immigration issue, issues regarding accommodations, scholarships and so on.

Well-being and Health

Being healthy physically and mentally is the most important aspect for an enjoyable student life. The Rikkyo Student Counselling Center and Health Center are on campus with specialists who work to support the well-being of all students.

Japanese Language Support

Students be required to take Japanese language classes during your first year at Rikkyo University*. After that, they can continue to take Japanese language courses as electives and count the credit toward their degree. The Center for Japanese Language Education (CJLE) provides Japanese language courses from complete beginners to advanced levels. Students also have access to a Japanese language support desk open for 1-on-1 consultations.

Please go here for further information about support for international students.

*We do not have the Japanese language classes exemption system.

High Employment Rate


Employment rate for international students (2019)

※Average employment rate of international students nationwide in Japan is 49.0% (JASSO, 2018)

From admission to graduation, Rikkyo University provides a step-by-step approach in supporting students’ career aspirations. Our Career Center offers progressive support, such as career counselling sessions and frequent networking events to help students discover suitable job opportunities. In addition, each College also provides career support, making use of their extensive expertise and practical knowledge to help students find their calling. Rikkyo University also has an extensive alumni network across numerous industries that can further aid them in their chosen career path.

Please go here for further information about career support.

Scholarships for International Students

We have established scholarship programs for international students so that they can focus on their studies at Rikkyo University. We offer the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarships for which they can apply for at the time of admissions. We also offer Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship for which international students can apply from their second year. For both, see the details below.

In addition to these, there are a variety of other scholarships sponsored by Rikkyo University as well as external scholarships sponsored by outside organizations.

*Please note that the scholarship information below is subject to change annually.

Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship

We welcome excellent international students from across the world to contribute to the further internationalization of Rikkyo University. The Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship is offered to international students who display a strong desire to take part in their Rikkyo University studies and campus life and who want to play an active international role in their future careers. The scholarship is our investment in their first year with us.

If a student applies for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship at the time of application, the student will be eligible to be considered for the scholarship.

Number of Recipients


Award Amount

1,000,000 JPY (April--Spring semester--enrollment)
1,500,000 JPY (September--Fall semester--enrollment)

Remittance Method

By semester (500,000 JPY / semester)

Payment Period

1 year (April--Spring semester--enrollment)
1.5 years (September--Fall semester--enrollment)

Application Requirements

Applicants who meet the PEACE Program Admissions Requirements for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship. Please go here for the admissions requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Students having the residence status of “Student” at the time of admission and enrollment at Rikkyo University.

*Even if the student meets the admissions requirements for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship, if they do not have the residence status of “Student” at the time of admission and enrollment at Rikkyo University, they will not be eligible for the Scholarship.

Time Recipients will be Decided

Awarded scholarships will be announced at the time of Admission Notification.

Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship

Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship aims to encourage excellence in learning and academic engagement so that exceptional international students can focus on their studies enthusiastically. By receiving this scholarship, students will be able to focus on working hard in their studies, fulfilling their ambition of studying abroad at our university to enrich their lives. Students can apply for this scholarship each year for their second, third, and fourth years of study.

Eligible Students

2nd-year ~ 4th-year international undergraduate students

Number of Recipients

30 students in total

Award Amount

800,000 JPY (5 students)
600,000 JPY (25 students)

Remittance Method

By semester (400,000 JPY or 300,000 JPY / semester)

Payment Period

1 year

Please go here for further information about scholarships for international students.