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Stage 2 Explore Further

Lesson 17/21


Starting university life is a big step and doing so in a foreign country is monumental. Rikkyo University understands this, and to make such a challenging task in an unfamiliar place easier, we require 1st-year international students to live in the suitable accommodations we have arranged for you. In addition, from your second year, Rikkyo University will help you find and secure housing outside the dormitory.

1st Year International Student Dormitory

Rikkyo University requires all international students who enroll in the undergraduate PEACE Program to live in a dormitory for their first year. DK House Nerima, the dormitory is located 30 minutes away (door-to-door, via one train) from Ikebukuro Campus. It has the benefits of being in a quiet residential area and being conveniently located close to the metropolitan area. Single rooms are furnished with a desk and chair, a bed, a bookshelf, small refrigerator, and a room heating and cooling unit. Residents share a common fully-equipped kitchen facility (e.g., microwave, IH stove, dishes, etc.), a TV lounge, and men's and women's bathroom/shower facilities. Rikkyo University has reserved the 4th floor (co-ed) for PEACE Program students. Residents on the other floors are from both overseas and Japan, so you can immerse yourself in other cultures in a friendly and cozy atmosphere where residents cooperate and live together.

Senior students at Rikkyo University, working as Resident Supporters, live in the dormitory. Resident Supporters speak English and are trained to support international students. They will answer any questions regarding university life and organize exchange events in the dormitory for you and other Rikkyo students. They are there to help you so that you acclimate to living abroad and concentrate on your studies. So you should feel at ease and your family should know that your dormitory living environment is one of comfort and support.
*All pictures below are just for reference.

Individual rooms are well-equipped. All rooms are single use only.
Common dining area
Common kitchen area
Individual showers

2nd Year Onwards

After your first year, your living options are from private housing, share-houses, or other student-based housing. Rikkyo University, senior students, and your friends will help you secure your second-year accommodations. We also hope that you will be able to help new students upon their arrival based upon your first-year experience.

Private Apartments

In Japan, renting apartments often incurs a commission fee through real estate agencies, but Rikkyo University works with real estate agencies that have experience supporting international students and property owners. Through these real estate agencies, you can rent a place for yourself with a cheaper commission fee than is common.

Share-house and Student-based Housing

Another option is to stay in a share-house with other people, allowing you to be with friends or to make new ones. The advantage of a share-house is that the rent and housing expenses are cheaper than private apartments as the cost can be split with others. Share-houses are also usually fully furnished.

A third option is to stay at student-based housing. Such locations attract students from a wide-range of universities. For more information, ask the International Office.

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