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Lesson 6/21

Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)

Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)

Liberal arts education is a distinctive educational foundation of Rikkyo University. The Global Liberal Arts Program encourages students to pursue their own academic interests, to expand their academic horizons, and to deepen their understanding of theories and philosophies. Through a balance of guidance and choice, it is up to each individual student to find and to create their own path in becoming the internationalized person they aim to be.

Degree Bachelor of Arts
Duration 4 years
Semesters of intake Spring (Apri) & Fall (September) 
Admissions requirements

Refer to the Admissions Requirements

Admission capacity 10
Tuition and academic fees (annual) 1,903,500 JPY


Note: This curriculum map is for the students who enroll in September and reflects the primary and some example course names.

Course Examples

Japanese Literature in the World

This course examines the creation of a national literature in Japan and the notion of a literary canon while analyzing representative works of Japanese literature in translation. Further, this course considers how Western concepts of literature and literary genres helped the Japanese define what now constitutes the Japanese literary canon.

Civil Society Organization (NGO/NPO) and Corporate Social Responsibilities

In the fields of business ethics and law, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an area of huge interest among various parts of the community. Firstly, initiated over management of environmental issues, the matter of CSR is now expanding its scope to corporate governance and human rights issues, globally and locally. The UN and Civil Society Organisations are actively taking part in setting up mechanisms to implement sustainable policies. This course investigates these trends.

Business and Society

The course introduces briefly the development of different types of business models and industries along history, and the dramatic changes they go through in the new millennium. It will focus on theoretical explanations and case studies from different industries and corporations around the world, and will analyze the process of decision making and the place of the individual within the group, the workplace, and the larger society.

For more information on the courses, please refer here.


Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP) develops new global leaders with a wide range of knowledge and experience. GLAP graduates are expected to play an active role working for international organizations such as the United Nations as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that tackle global issues. Furthermore, GLAP graduates are expected to pursue postgraduate education at institutions in Japan and overseas in order to further broaden their knowledge.

GLAP Introduction Video

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