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Stage 2
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Cross Culture City

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What Can You Study?

College of Intercultural Communication (CIC)
PEACE CIC fosters the ability to propose solutions for an increasingly diverse and co…
Lesson 5/21
Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)
Liberal arts education is a distinctive educational foundation of Rikkyo University.
Lesson 6/21
College of Law and Politics
The Global Program of the Department of International Business Law hones students' le…
Lesson 7/21
Overseas Experience
Rikkyo University offers over 80 study abroad programs for students to broaden their …
Lesson 8/21
Japanese Language Learning Opportunities
You will be required to take Japanese language classes during your first year at Rikk…
Lesson 9/21


Career After Graduation

Student Life

Plan Your Budget
Your budget can be one of your biggest concerns as an international student. Consider…
Lesson 15/21
Living in Tokyo
Here is some introductory information you may find helpful to start your student life…
Lesson 16/21
Starting university life is a big step and doing so in a foreign country is monumenta…
Lesson 17/21
Support for International Students
Rikkyo University is prepared to help you with any matter - including setting down in…
Lesson 18/21
Extracurricular Activities
To be a well-balanced individual, it is important for students to build a network out…
Lesson 19/21
Annual Schedule
Traditionally, the academic calendar of the Japanese education system starts at the b…
Lesson 20/21
Rikkyo University has two beautiful campuses, one in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and another in…
Lesson 21/21
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That was a lot to take in, but we’re sure you learned more about us. Enjoy this video about Ikebukuro. Find out about Applying in Stage 3.