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Scholarship Opportunities

Education is an investment for a lifetime, but we know finances cannot be ignored. As an international student, we understand the costs you face. To help you finance your education, we have scholarships devoted to international students (see below). Scholarship opportunities exist for you throughout your four-year academic life with us.

High Scholarship Rate for International Students


Receiving rate for scholarship applicants among international students

Scholarships for International Students

We have established scholarship programs for international students so that you can focus on your studies at Rikkyo University. We offer the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarships for which you can apply for at the time of admissions. We also offer Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship for which you can apply from your second year. For both, see the details below.

In addition to these, there are a variety of other scholarships sponsored by Rikkyo University as well as external scholarships sponsored by outside organizations.

*Please note that the scholarship information below is subject to change annually.

Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship

We welcome excellent international students from across the world to contribute to the further internationalization of Rikkyo University. The Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship is offered to international students who display a strong desire to take part in their Rikkyo University studies and campus life and who want to play an active international role in their future careers. The scholarship is our investment in your first year with us.

If you apply for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship at the time of application, you will be eligible to be considered for the scholarship.

Number of Recipients

10 students (General Entrance Examination).

For students from Recommendation Entrance Examination,
please refer to the valid Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) duly signed by Rikkyo University.

Award Amount

1,000,000 JPY (April--Spring semester--enrollment)
1,500,000 JPY (September--Fall semester--enrollment)

Remittance Method

By semester (500,000 JPY / semester)

Payment Period

1 year (April--Spring semester--enrollment)
1.5 years (September--Fall semester--enrollment)

Application Requirements

Applicants who meet the PEACE Program Admissions Requirements for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship. Please go here for the admissions requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Students having the residence status of “Student” at the time of admission and enrollment at Rikkyo University.

*Even if you meet the admissions requirements for the Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship, if you do not have the residence status of “Student” at the time of your admission and enrollment at Rikkyo University, you will not be eligible for the Scholarship.

Time Recipients will be Decided

Awarded scholarships will be announced at the time of Admission Notification.

Please check below for the details of the Scholarship.

AY2022 Application Guidelines for Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship(General Entrance Examination) AY2022 Application Guidelines for Rikkyo Promising Future Scholarship(Recommendation Entrance Examination)

Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship

Rikkyo Exceptional Student Scholarship aims to encourage excellence in learning and academic engagement so that exceptional international students can focus on their studies enthusiastically. By receiving this scholarship, students will be able to focus on working hard in their studies, fulfilling their ambition of studying abroad at our university to enrich their lives. You can apply for this scholarship each year for your second, third, and fourth years of study.

Eligible Students

2nd-year ~ 4th-year international undergraduate students

Number of Recipients

30 students in total

Award Amount

800,000 JPY (5 students)
600,000 JPY (25 students)

Remittance Method

By semester (400,000 JPY or 300,000JPY / semester)

Payment Period

1 year

Please go here for further information about scholarships for international students.

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