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Lesson 5/5

A Typical Day of a Rikkyo Student

Rikkyo is proud to introduce Bembi, a student from Jakarta, Indonesia and a third-year student at the College of Intercultural Communication. This is how she spends a usual day at Rikkyo.

Student Profile

Degree / Program
College of Intercultural Communication (CIC) 3rd year

Bembi has a dream of becoming a Japanese language teacher in her home country of Indonesia. Her interest in Japanese language was triggered from watching anime and playing games. She chose to study at Rikkyo University because she knew studying in Japan was the most effective way to acquire the Japanese language, and she found that CIC offered a comprehensive program that would help fulfill her dream. Through her studies at Rikkyo, she also developed an interest in Japanese culture and sociolinguistics. She plans to continue her postgraduate studies at Rikkyo before returning to Indonesia.

7:00 AM

Rise and shine!

Bembi wakes up at 7:00 a.m. every day. She exercises for about 30 minutes and eats breakfast before she leaves her apartment.

8:00 AM

Off to class!

The trains are almost always on time, but a bit crowded! Fortunately for Bembi, it only takes about 30 minutes using one train to reach the Ikebukuro Campus from her apartment, door-to-door.

8:50 AM

Japanese language study (1st period: 8:50-10:30)

Her first session is Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture. This course is designed specifically for international students who do not have any knowledge of the Japanese language. (Note: Bembi started Japanese language study at the beginner level in her first year, advanced to the pre-intermediate class in her second year, and in her third year she takes the intermediate class. She achieved the curriculum goal for every year and improved her Japanese so much that she could live an every-day life in Japan without any problems. Gambatta-ne - She worked hard!)

10:45 AM

Attending a specialized course (2nd period: 10:45-12:25)

For the second period, Bembi attends Globalization and Language with around 40 students. The lecture is held in English and fits well with her interests.

12:25 PM


The Main Dining Hall is a popular lunch spot. Here, Bembi is having a halal meal she bought on campus. She likes chatting with friends in the relaxing atmosphere. After lunch is over, Bembi takes a quiet moment to pray in the prayer room on campus.

1:25 PM

Group discussion (3rd period: 1:25-3:05)

After lunch, for the third period, Bembi attends Japan Studies Program, a course that explores modern popular culture and subculture of Japan from a variety of perspectives. Bembi actively engages in discussions and project work with her group members. At Rikkyo, you can meet people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities that will inspire you to greater heights.

3:20 PM

Self-study time

After the classes for the day, Bembi spends some time studying and revising her work in the library. The Ikebukuro Campus Library is one of the largest university libraries in Japan with over two million volumes of publications and seating space for over 1,500 students! There are plenty of free-standing computers (and computers for loan) for students to use in this stress-free environment.

5:00 PM

Fun time!

Bembi is a member of the badminton club, and she sees this activity as an indispensable part of her life at Rikkyo.

6:00 PM

Free time!

After badminton, Bembi leaves school to hang out with her friends around Ikebukuro station. She does some window shopping and enjoys a dinner out.

8:30 PM

Home sweet home

After returning home, Bembi does her homework assignments and catches up on some of her favorite shows.

11:00 PM


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